Sunday, 20 March 2011

Giorgio Moroder - Music From Battlestar Galactica (1978)

This week's soundtrack is a wonderful disco odyssey from Giorgio Moroder.  Side one is taken up with tracks from Battlestar Galactica while side two comprises of one 15 minute Moroder original called Evolution.   All the tracks on side one run into each other so I haven't bothered separating them.  Hopefully that won't spoil your enjoyment too much.

1.    Theme From Battlestar Galactica
2.    Destruction Of Peace
3.    Transmitter - Part One
4.    Adama's Theme
5.    It's Love, Love, Love
6.    Transmitter - Part Two
7.    Exploration
8.    Theme From Battlestar Galactica
9.    Evolution

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Fabien MORISSET said...

Downloading right now,
can't wait to listen to that treasure!
Thank you!

Crichton72 said...

Downloading. By Your Command!

Lacey said...


An Album I actually had!
I am not sure if this is good or bad.

What happens when "nostalgia" shows up in your own closet?

Thank you for the post.

I-FE said...

Good or bad; up to each listener to decide, I suppose. It's certainly an album "of its time", I would say, Lacey. In other words: dated!

Lacey said...

Hey, watch it kid.
This record is no more "dated" than I was, er I am mean am.


Thanks again for this Disco Dynamite.

isidingo said...

Links are dead. Any chance of a re-up?

This "dated" man missed the original posting lol