Friday, 21 May 2010

Claude Denjean - Moog! (1970)

A little something for the weekend.


Jacko said...

Good record. Nice to see it making the rounds again.

I notice you posted an Earl Grant recently. I found a copy of his 'Midnight Earl' (circa '61 with an owl on the cover) album last week. There's a lot less info on that one around. Only that it was a volume in Decca's 'Mood Jazz In Hi-Fi' series, for which there is also little info. Once I figure out how to digitize it, I thought they might make a good two-fer on disc. I'll have to check out yours as well.

Vinyl Room said...

One of the many great albums I bought at the time early seventies, and remains one of the best moog albums around.

Thanks for the upload


Leonard said...

I agree with Vynil Room, this is one of the best moog albums)

Vinyl Room said...


Just noticed track 2 into 4 seconds there is a slight jump, could this be fixed you think?