Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Don Ralke - But You've Never Heard Gershwin With Bongos (1960)

You've heard Gershwin.  You've heard bongos.  But you've never heard Gershwin with bongos.  Until now!

Update: A CDR dropped on my doormat yesterday morning from my mysterious benefactor who this time has kindly provided me with a crisp stereo copy of Bongos.   So while you're listening to this give thanks to the Cotswold Kid.

 Stereo version.
1.    Fascinating Rhythm
2.    How Long Has This Been Going On
3.   Clap Yo Hands
4.    Love Is Here To Stay
5.    Summertime
6.    My One and Only
7.    They All Laughed
8.    Love Walked In
9.    They Can't Take That Way From Me
10.  Maybe
11.  A Foggy Day
12.  I Got Rhythm

Alternate download link


Armpit Studios said...

Like, I can dig it, daddio.

Phillip said...

One of the great album titles of all time, surely, like Gleason's "Music to Change Her Mind." Many thanks.

Martooni said...

Had a copy of this @ 128, so had to upgrade to yours! Thanks

The Macs said...

No, I haven't. But I'm looking forward to it. Thanks!

Jack said...

Very interesting album. A keeper! Thanks much.

Alexis said...

Hello... Can you reset the link to download it? Thank...