Thursday, 24 March 2011

Charles Magnante - Carnival In Faraway Places (1966)

Well, I've finally sorted this out.  Thanks again to Philip (and others) for pointing out my...ahem...little mistake.  I'll re-post the corrected Fiesta sometime in the future. 

Alternate download link


I-FE said...

Thanks to Philip who pointed out I have ripped the wrong record. The cover maybe Fiesta, but the album is CARNIVAL! Apologies to all.

DavidRose said...

Yes the titles are wrong

Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika, said...

Ha, this is interesting!

I had the Fiesta album from Oracle's Portal of Groove, but that had no back cover scan with it. So I took the back that came here with the dl and added it to its (Fiesta) folder.

Now that I had an album without covers nor tracklist (Carnival) I searched for images, and I found something interesting: 2 different covers!

On rym you will see a cover that looks like it would fit to the other Command artworks LT had mentioned. I would bet that the rym cover was the original cover!

Then I found this:

(If spam tries to lay a black veil over the forum, just refresh and then right-click on a picture, that helped in my case)

The post I mean is the second one down on that page the link leads to. Here we see the Carnival album introduced (with english text) and a completely different cover!

The dl includes 5 scans (2x front in various sizes, back and 2 text sheets that I think were printed inner sleeves), that is why I dl-ed that album again. The cover posted on the forum is actually in yet another size, so if you'd dl that too, you will have 6 scans in the end!

If the zona link doesn't work for you, here is the direct dl link:

If you don't care about the scans of the other cover or can't get the text visible, here at least the data about the 1967 album (Carnival) which is actually posted here under the wrong name (Fiesta):

Artist: Charles Magnante
Title: Carnival
Year: 1967
Label: Command RS 907 SD
Genre: Instrumental, Accordion
Tracks: 12
Duration: 36:07


01 - Carnival
02 - Two Guitars
03 - Brasilia
04 - Anna
05 - April In Portugal
06 - Yellow Bird
07 - La Cucaracha
08 - Never On Sunday
09 - Espana Cani
10 - Czardas
11 - Under Paris Skies
12 - Just Say I Love Her

I hope this is of any help.

Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika, said...

P.S. I forgot to mention that this is actually a wonderful album! I mean the Carnival album of 1967, it is beautiful! Thank you LT for posting it, even if it only was a mistake, haha... I would have never found it otherwise...

I-FE said...

Funny how things work out. This lunchtime I went into the record shop where I bought FIESTA in 2009 and lo-and-behold they had CARNIVAL there and guess what? Yep, it had the FIESTA record inside!

I'll now be able to sort this sorry mess out now. So, until then I've collapsed all links.

I-FE said...

Hi guys, all corrected now. I've also scanned the inner sleeve for Carnival and will do the same when I eventually post the corrected Fiesta.

Phillip said...

All's well that ends well at the Carnival.

Vinyl Room said...

Looking forward to the Fiesta album.

Thanks for correcting the Carnival.