Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Orchestra Walter Rizzati - Park Avenue (Original Soundtrack) (1978

Walter Rizzati composed the soundtrack to many dodgy, low-budget films, but they were always good soundtracks.  A mixture of easy listening and disco.  This is one of them from the 1978 picture, Park Avenue.

Check out the wonderful Central Park.


I-FE said...!YqgRGJSD!c6flvQLh7cd-v-xPdHxncWatPRf0n7a9Ky_RxY_sCNQ

Muff Diver said...

Hey, I-FE, it's good to see you posting again, even just a little :)
I've tried contacting you numerous times before for re-up requests, but I couldn't make contact. I thought you'd gone on permanent hiatus.
Thanks for Walter Rizzati. Park Avenue is new to me, as is 99% of Rizzati's other work.

Unknown said...

Hey IFE - sound's nice - thank you...

coppinsuk said...

Thank you for all the efforts that you have taken to share your love music with us during 2017 - it is particulary appreciated.

It takes a lot of effort to organise a blog and I am very much aware that for all your energies very few people express their thanks for what you do. Most unrewarding.

Do hope that you are enjoying the end of 2017 festivities and that we can look forward to more correspondence from you in 2018.

All the very best and good health in 2018.

Thank you and cheers,

Douglas (UK)

Unknown said...

nice blog.check new update

Tony Angel said...

my guess is you are not posting anymore, since the last one was november of 2017

William said...

Hello Hello!

Guelda said...

Wow indeed "Central Park" is a wonderful song, and the album is very nice too, but this track is certainly my favorite.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful music I-FE !

briviba-41 said...

Thank you!