Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Gianni Ferrio & Gino Marinacci - Lady Bossa Nova In Italy (1963)

Great Italian album from 1963.  Mainly instrumental but there are a few vocal tracks featuring Marina Moran.

Lady Bossa Nova In Italy


I-FE said...



morghini said...

Aweseome - thanks! About time I played Italian masters like Ferrio again - been playng way too much jazz only recently

DonHo57 said...

I agree with morghini...time to turn down the jazz and tune in to Italian...Thanks!!!

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Anonymous said...

A very nice album, just as the prior one by Piero Umiliani!
I discovered your website upon recommendation and I'm very pleasantly surprised.

r h hausen said...

i looked for this for soo long, thank u

Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika said...

Hello again, I must have lost the feeling for time, because I wasn't aware that I was away for almost 3 years. Traveling throughout 2012 and private business distracting me from my music blogs I used to love so much.

And now I came back and saw some of those have been deleted. What?

At least you are still here. Glad about that. No, HAPPY!

Somehow it feels like an astronaut coming back home from space, and she made a time warp ship thing, and all her loved ones are dead, because she came back 150 years later (or so). You know what I mean.

Oh Man, I'm sad. What happened?

Lounge Legends is gone? Lounge Legends, who brought me into this whole genre in the first place?

RAPETTA said...

Hello My Friend
I'm from NATAL (Northeastern Brazil) and appreciate very much your posts. Nice job!
Dis You know or can show me some website or blog where I could find the old swings or american oldies music sung by former singers.

Muff Diver said...

Thank you I-FE!

John said...

This sounds terrific. All new to me. thank you for sharing!