Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Cyril Stapleton - The Latin American Dancing Sound of (1966)

Nice Pye album from Cyril Stapleton.

1.    Yellow Bird
2.    Corazon De Melon
3.    The Sound Of Music
4.    Cielito Lindo
5.    Guantanamera
6.    Downtown
7.    Til There Was You
8.    Hasta Lavista
9.    Brazillian Love Song
10.  Petit Fleur
11.  Paquita
12.  El Cordobes

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Crichton72 said...

The Latin "Downtown" is hilarious! Thanx.

lugworm said...

I just love that one - Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a million for this. I'm downloading it imagining it to be something like a Tony Hatch album. I hope so. Fab!!