Saturday, 5 February 2011

Andre Previn - Two For The Seesaw (1962)

A really fine soundtrack from Andre Previn.  Never seen the film though.

Special thanks to Crichton72 for cleaning and sprucing up the files, so all links have been updated.

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Baron said...

Thanks for this soundtrack ... film I've not seen too ... Baron

The Macs said...

Never seen the film either. It is available on Netflix instant viewing however. Added to the queue, and thanks for the music!

I-FE said...

What's Netflix, Nacs?

The Macs said...

It's a DVD rental, movie streaming site. I thought it was worldwide, but I guess it's US and Canada only.

Baron said...

Two For The See Saw ... the jazzier tracks were not bad.
Bonus, for me at least, is the presence of Uan Rasey.
Have you Bye Bye Birdie soundtrack?