Tuesday, 16 November 2010

BBC Sporting Themes (1979)

This is another one of my favourite albums and it's posted to celebrate In-Flight Entertainment being one year old today.  Thanks for all the advice and encouragement from over the last year.

As for this album, yes, it probably is one of the worst covers you'll ever see, but it hides one of the finest collection of tracks on plastic.  Lots of your KPM boys on here:  Johnny Pearson, Keith Mansfield and Brian Bennett.

My personal favourite is the theme to Superstars, Heavy Action by Johnny Pearson.  If you're of a certain age like me then you'll remember Kevin Keegan falling off his bike like it was yesterday.  Fantastic!


brianbrora said...

You really do post some great stuff on here. And congrats on making it a years worth!. Keep it up please!

Phillip said...

I think this is a great album cover! Archimboldo, eat your heart out!

Oh and thanks for the post. Congratulations on reaching a milestone.

mrdantefontana said...

Congrats! What a great blog this is! Thanks!

Ian Van Groove said...

He shoots, he scores. What a stunning goal!

JetSetTelevision said...

A great album! Thanks for posting and congratulations on your one year milestone!