Friday, 9 July 2010

Pete Moore Orchestra - Lively and Latin (1972)

A truly sensational album.  Includes the great self-penned Black Water and the brilliant version of Buffalo Springfield's For What It's Worth.


Anonymous said...

Did you know that this album has already been posted here

FOULARD said...

Thanks for posting this! I'm digging it right now.

Coincidence Vs Fate said...

No, I didn't know that Anon. This happens all the time though as I'm sure you're aware.

Vinyl Room said...

I did have this previously from that link from Anonymous, but I actually think your rip is much better so thank you.


THXjay said...

A super slice of Latin loveliness :)

Pete Moore was most definitely one of the greats of the genre. Who can go to the cinema without singing the classic Asteroid jingle!

Ba Baa Ba Baa Ba Ba Ba Baa Ba-Ba-Ba, Ba Baa Ba Ba Baaaa Bap!

Or something along those lines :)

{O.o} said...

I know I'm asking too much, sorry... but could you please reup this one I fall in love with Pete Moore!


I-FE said...!mExRSAhC!KXQO6E0Q2rmVxVjrKYeJRVkQ1esteCr72ExNYTE_55U

{O.o} said...

Such a lovely selection of fine classics with great orchestral sound, mmmm...

Thank you very much for the repost! you are very kind

Greetings from Spain

hybridz said...

Thanks for the mega link.

It works great and is fast.

The last album I heard was "Exciting Sounds of Tomorrow" and have been hearing it over and over and over again. Just looking for other similar albums. Great albums should be those that you never get sick of hearing it.