Saturday, 24 July 2010

Barry Gray - UFO - Original Television Soundtrack (1969)

You know the old chesnut; your house is on fire and you can only rescue one object, what would it be?  Well, for me it would be this little beauty.  The 2004 Trunk soundtrack release of Gerry Anderson's first live-action series, UFO.  Set far in the future, 1980.  All the cars were sleek with gull-wing doors (eat your heart out Delorean) and all the girls had purple wigs and wore silver boots.

The musical formula will be familiar to Supermarionation fans, indeed some of the cues sound like they were nicked from Captain Scarlet.  The Main Titles are obviously the highlight with some sterling work from Harry Stoneham.

Ed Bishop who starred in this actually lived in the village next to me when I was a kid and his daughter went to my school.  You used to see him driving around town in his Hillman Imp.   I said hello to him a couple of times in the Co-Op and the Post Office, but always went bright red so as I got older I just worshipped him from a distance.

There is only one scan here too as the rear of the sleeve is blank.  Still, it's the music that counts.


chineseodyssey said...
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chineseodyssey said...

You have uploaded today the OST of my most faveourite TV show ever and OMG you lived in the next village to where Ed Bishop lived?!(Bowing low and chanting I am not worthy) TEE HEE ;) I only got to meet Ed after many years of waiting 1999, twice in Manchester and twice in London. I will now view the Co-op with less disdain, now I know he graced one of it's branches with his awesome presence. I love UFO and have done since I was 8 when it was first shown here in the UK. I find Barry Gray's music just awe inspiring :)Thanks a million for this upload!!

Oracle said...

Leave for a week and well you know the drill. Thanks for all of it and then some if you know what I mean.

Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika, said...

I have no idea who Barry Gray is or Ed Bishop, nor do I know what a co-op is (co-operation, sure, but what kind of co-operation would that be?), and I surely have never seen the TV series.

But your description made me curious, so I will give this a listen. And since 1969 was a fantastically fruitful year in all things music anyway, it must be good!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! You sir are a gentleman and a scholar.
Watched as a kid in the 70's and all again on late night TV in the 90s. Must be due for a re-run.

Check out the 'Power Themes 90' album over at the Crime lounge:
Nice remix of the UFO theme on it.

Have fond memories of the UFO toys as a kid; Interceptor, Straker's car and the Shado truck.


Coincidence Vs Fate said...

Thanks PS. I actually bought the Power Themes 90 CD at the time from Woolies. Some of the tracks on it are pretty dire but UFO is one of the highlights. I also like the Stringray version on it. Space 1999 is coming in the next couple of days so watch out for that.

Captain lockheed said...

Thanks, looking forward to next years big budget UFO cinema epic but don't think it can compare with this classic stuff (still have my UFO gum cards!)

Wendel said...

Thanks for the post.

Just when I thought I had all of the Barry Gray stuff, you come along and remind me of the vastness of the internet.

You also reminded me of why I need people like you.

Good job.

Crichton72 said...

Thanks for sharing this British gem!

Chase said...

Thanks for posting this soundtrack. UFO was always one of my favorite shows as a kid.

MAXI said...


Muff Diver said...

I missed this uploading. Can you please repost the link?


I-FE said...

Yep, here it is:

emailsyucky said...

Thank you!

Rumtoad said...

I really like this blog!
I have a weird question: Do you have Barry Grays OST for "Journey to the Far Side of the Sun". it may have been called something else in Blighty, but I know that the music is amazing!
Cheers, and i hope your weird weather plays out soon!
Don from Oregon

Muff Diver said...

First, it's getting onto 1 year ago that I requested you repost the old link, and you did. But then I realized I never properly thanked you for that.

I'm listening to UFO ost again and it's timeless! These tunes are permanently burned onto my subconscious (but it's more fun to listen to a recording of these melodies than to hum them).

Thanks for sharing your fabulous music. I'm truly grateful!

Rocket From Mars said...

Thanks I-FE! I love stopping in here and then smacking myself in the head after I realize how many cool things you post that I forgot to grab over the years.

All the Best!

Rocket From Mars

margaret borsbey said...

i have this album and have done some artwork myself on the reverse of the sleeve using postcards bought on ebay and some double sided tape. great album of music.

margaret borsbey said...

i have this album and have done some artwork myself on the reverse of the sleeve using postcards bought on ebay and some double sided tape. great album of music.

Carlos Luis Mago Núñez said...

Can you re-upload this? i lost my copy due a hd fail

I-FE said...

New links:!hvwk0YQC!TLQee9_m3ZVyrQF6lC371ZhTHnsjWm_g8btGT6wRxwk