Sunday, 20 June 2010

Alan Tew - The Magnificent Swingers (1970)

To be honest I wasn't going to post anything else for a couple of days, but it's getting on here at In-Flight HQ and the weekend is nearly over, so I thought I'd share this little gem from Alan Tew to cheer myself up before the working week begins.  I really must start buying those lottery tickets...

Apologies as this is annoyingly crackly in some places.


DIDI said...

Great stuff and very fine sounds, don't mind the crackles, could be eleminated... Thanks for sharing!

Coincidence Vs Fate said...

How do you eliminate crackles? I always clean my records before encoding, some sound OK, some don't.

Anyway, yes this is a fine album. You can't go wrong with a bit of Tew.

DIDI said...

Hi, not to be misunderstood, who ever kindly shares his old LPs here around, should not be necessarily exspected to clean the files before uploading them.
But to answer your question, I have a very old program called Sound Laundry, it's not a cure-all, has to be handled with caution, otherwise the original sound could be damaged. Sometimes I treat the crackles manually (Wave Lab), very time-consuming indeed!!! I guess btw, that many "professionals" in this blogger-community use better or more efficient applications than me.
Best regards (and please pardon my English, it's not my first language)

Coincidence Vs Fate said...

Hi Didi, Sorry I didn't mean it to sound like I was having a go, I wasn't!

So, you use software? Me, I just use water and washing up liquid. No, I'm not joking!

I've bought a lot of records over the years and sometimes don't play them for a long time so they get dusty, etc. I have tried software in the past, but it just seems to make the sound "muffled".

Your English is great, BTW. I hope you keep enjoying the music.


DIDI said...

Hi Simon, yes indeed the sound gets easily muffled by cleaning software. Mechanically cleaning by using water seems to be a very good advice, will try it soon,thanks for that and your friendly words, and of course I will keep on enjoying the music (might there be crackles and clicks or not) likewise you and all the others here around do.

Broken Sword said...

Oh no! It's not there any more. :( That's such a pity as I lost my download and was hoping to replace the MP3s. I have the L.P, it's a bit scuffed and worn but can't play it anyway, because I don't have a working record player.