Monday, 14 June 2010

Sounds Orchestral - Wigwam (1971)

Includes the wonderful Shackled.


Martooni said...

Thanks for posting. Went straight to Shackled.

CAPPY said...

Shackled is a great track but I went straight to the Wigwam track.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Thankyou again from Down Under Australia . Note Wigwam LP Sleepy shores track. This is the original version. When the producer of the upcoming Tv series Owen MD, heard it, he asked Johnny Pearson if he could speed it up. The rest is history ! Not only was Johnny Pearson leading the Top Of The Pops Orchestra, he was now on the show with his single !

Jose E. Juarez Ozuna said...

The link is broken i hope you can unploaded again please
i'm a fan of your blog
it's fantastic

Nathan said...

please reup my friend

I-FE said...

New link:!EjQgQACI!sNTn2mnNNsGVtiO_T-zArs5jov19wGO_XF-NrlApZ-0