Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Orchestra Walter Rizzati - Park Avenue (Original Soundtrack) (1978

Walter Rizzati composed the soundtrack to many dodgy, low-budget films, but they were always good soundtracks.  A mixture of easy listening and disco.  This is one of them from the 1978 picture, Park Avenue.

Check out the wonderful Central Park.


I-FE said...!YqgRGJSD!c6flvQLh7cd-v-xPdHxncWatPRf0n7a9Ky_RxY_sCNQ

Muff Diver said...

Hey, I-FE, it's good to see you posting again, even just a little :)
I've tried contacting you numerous times before for re-up requests, but I couldn't make contact. I thought you'd gone on permanent hiatus.
Thanks for Walter Rizzati. Park Avenue is new to me, as is 99% of Rizzati's other work.

Unknown said...

Hey IFE - sound's nice - thank you...