Saturday, 26 June 2010

Franck Pourcel - Meets The Beatles (1969)

I got this last week; a Father's day present from my four-year-old.  Thanks Oscar.


Phillip said...

And thank you for sharing!


got this. the I me mine version reeks of opium.
ace record!

Yee Snarky said...

Thanks for posting. I love Frank Pourcel's style of music. He has covered quite a few songs in his day, but they always sound original from him. However, updating your links would be a great help. I actually own two of his albums on vinyl, (none on CD :-( ), but have no means to make digital copies of them. I've got "Frank Poucell plays James Bond" (Brilliant, but only goes as far as the date he recorded it of course, which was 1973 - Live And Let Die, and I'd kill to get this on CD, especially if he could update it to include James Bond themes done since) and a second whose name escapes me for the moment, which has various 70's hits, including some ABBA pieces. Both are brilliant and have been carefully stored, used to listen to them, until my needle broke, and thats something else I have been having trouble getting. So thanks again for the post. Geoff Love And Frank Pourcel are two of the best.
signed Yee.