Thursday, 3 October 2013

Johnny Harris - All To Bring You Morning (1973)

I recently dug my vinyl copy out, but unfortunately it was too warped to record.  I don't normally post CDs but I didn't have much choice as I've wanted to post this for a while.

It's a brilliant album from Johnny Harris and a classic along side his 1970 album, Movements.  This album features members of Yes and Chris Spedding too; a real session musicians who's who.

Sadly, now out of print on CD, so if you ever see a copy I would buy it.


I-FE said...!pZFyzT5Q!Z_smHwmMXu8dKZP14Vm97AOixF5aKzz8X0AkYN6bM-U

Phillip said...

Many thanks, I F-E

Calisan said...

Thanks for this excellent album!

Calisan said...

Fantastic session! Thanks for this digital version but it would be too much to ask the LP artwork. thanks in advanced I-FE for your time

matt howell said...

Never heard this before. Blew my mind. Much appreciated!

Madley said...

This is a really really good album, really digging' it. Hope you post Movements, curious if it's as good as this. Many thanks!