Friday, 26 July 2013

Pepe Jaramillo - Tequila Cocktail (1971)

Apologies in advance as this is a little crackly in places, but it's worth it.

Tequila Cocktail


I-FE said...!iRRVgCJD!BycR8xdePfJt0M9Bdcr9Mn0XET0IEVFuJvjSfmuonXA

dado dela cruz said...

It doesn't matter at all. They are normal in lp's.


Phillip said...

The drinks are definitely on me. Many thanks, I-FE.

StereoDustParticles said...

Thank you for not using noise reduction on your albums. Can't tell you how disappointing it is to see an album I've been unable to find at the local charity shop, only to discover the person used noise reduction, and the album sounds like .000001 kbs MP3 rip.

StereoDustParticles said...

One other note: Does anyone know how to get in touch with Vinyl Room? I've been wanting to for ages, since his blog switched to invite only. I'm hoping that VR himself will see this comment! email is
(Just a first contact email, since my real email will be spammed if I put that.)

Fabien MORISSET said...