Thursday, 25 April 2013

Easy Project - 20 Loungecore Favourites (1996)

Apologies for the lack of posts.  Sometimes life just gets in the way.

Mucho Mexico Seven-0


I-FE said...!bYYAjI6T!aB9cACsRJCPBq0vtElfc8Q4yoRYSMdPd0SiiTnmqQvc

Can't seem to get anything up on Zippyshare at the mo. You should be able to get to the link above if you use Chrome.

Vinyl Room said...

Anything over a certain size I am unable to download using mega.

I am unable to download Chrome.

Can't understand this problem about Zippyshare though, it always works for me.


Vinyl Room said...

Could I kindly ask then if you could upload this to another host if you are having trouble with Zippyshare?

I would dearly like to hear this.


I-FE said...

VR, try this:

It's taken me ages to get it to upload. When I try to upload anything on Zippyshare the percentage goes from 0 to 100 in about a second but nothing actually been uploaded. I've tried Firefox, Chrome and IE with the same results.

{O.o} said...


What a nice selection!

Muchas gracias!

{O.o} said...

thanks for your great work!

Nice and marchosa selection


Vinyl Room said...

I-FE ,

I appreciate this, thank you very much!


Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika said...

Hey, long time no see! But now I'm back, and I am enthused to see this post!

Luckily we have Chrome since December, so I was able to get it down. Superbe!

I will be busy to catch up with what I have been missing here for the last months! Thanks again!

Vinyl Room said...

Dear I-FE,

Thank you very much for the invite :-)


I-FE said...

Pleasure as always, VR.

Fabien MORISSET said...

Thank you!!!

Fabien MORISSET said...

Thank you so much!!!

upkerry14 said...

thanks for this. downloads fine with firefox. best. B

KL from NYC said...

Thank you.
My 64GB flash drive crashed and I came back for some of your posts -- I'd missed this one.
Glad to have it now.
Thanks again.