Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Franck Pourcel and Pepe Jaramillo - Studio 2 Stereo

In-Flight Entertainment started two years ago today and to celebrate I'm posting a couple of S2S belters from Franck Pourcel and Pepe Jaramillo.

I must apologise for the lack of posts during November but I've been pretty busy at work and home and so haven't had the chance to rip any of the big pile of albums waiting to be posted.

To make up for it I'll be reposting some albums you may have missed over the last two years so please drop me an email - or leave a comments - if you have any requests and I'll see what I can do.

Thanks to all of you who've given encouragement and suggestions since November 2009.


I-FE said...

I-FE said...

Mark said...

Looking forward to both of these, thanks for sharing! One S2S album I have never been able to find is Hawaiian Honeymoon by Basil Henriques & The Waikiki Islanders. Any chance you have it?

Mark (Easy Listening World)

MrM said...

Good luck and go on!

the carp said...

my only request would be as many versions of 'caravan' as possible. love that song. have not heard a rendition yet that i did not like.

that being said franck purcel's version on hifi 77 is quite phenomenal.

Fabien MORISSET said...

Nothing more to ask for than the pleasure you share with us.
I'm still a fan of In-Flight Entertainment.
You rule.
Don't worry about times when you can post less, the most important is that during those two years, quality remains and even improves.
PLease, do keep up the great work!

Sir Of Derek said...

hurray! way to go!! 2 years already and it only seems like 2 minutes :-)

wanna thank you for all the fine rips you've provided during all this time - a titan's job!

morghini said...

I love this Pourcel LP - it was one of the 1st ones I bought after getting a record player this year & one of my best ever finds at 50p :)

RonH said...

Thanks, Great those S2S albums. Still looking for Buddy Greco 'I Love A Piano'


Thanks. RonH

Swank Daddy said...

I'm very much looking forward to enjoying the Jaramillo. Many thanks for the share.

THXjay said...

I downloaded "Stan Butcher - His Birds And Brass (1966)" from you a while back but only just got around to listening to it :)

This is a great album but it sounds like you repeated side A and missed out side B. If you are looking at reposting stuff, please pop this one on your list :)

I must admit to being guilty of not always leaving a "thanks" when I grab stuff but just wanted to let you know that all your hard work is always appreciated.

What do you use to rip your LP's?
I've noticed that they sound really great. I'd love to know the secret :)

Many thanks,


I-FE said...

Hi Jay

It doesn't surprise me. I'm always stuff like that! I'll try and dig it out and record it again for you over the weekend.

Morghini, I saw your note on Twitter, I'll repost that LP too later if I get time.


morghini said...

Awesome - thanks if possible ;)

gpdlt2000 said...

Hope to visit In-Flight for the next 20 years!!

Trần Văn Nam said...

y8 games thanks for sharing