Saturday, 15 October 2011

Terry Baxter and His Orchestra - Bacharach-David Treasury

Nice little boxset.


I-FE said...

Record 1/2:

Record 3/4:

Supr said...

Hi I-FE !
Good record.
The only trouble with this post - the track F2 - Nikki in the second part (3-4) seems damaged. Downloaded the archive 2 times with the same result on this track.

one bite said...


Lacey said...

Excellent as always. I do not thank you enough for all the work you do.

Supr said...

Hi, I-FE
Once more thanx a lot for your efforts in posting good music.
In cocern of the track F2 - Nikki:
in the downloaded archive It takes 396kb, whence it might have been packed not corrctly - I guess so.
Please, check the archive (if possible, of course).

KL from NYC said...


I have the same situation as SUPR.
Track F2 is 10 seconds.

I-FE said...

Sorry, I'll try and sort that track out.

jazztap said...


KL from NYC said...

I came back for track F2, but I got the same 10-second track this time, too.
Oh, well.

Brian said...

A great set, Many thanks.