Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Eric Winstone Plays 007 (1973)

This has been on my wants list for a few years so I pleased to find it so cheap on my recent trip down south.  OK, so it's a little crackly here and there, but none of that matters when you hear The Man With The Golden Gun.  No, not the version you think it is, but a co-write from Eric and the legendary Syd Dale. 


I-FE said...


AlgernonBlack said...

My goodness that takes me back, I used to dance to that band at the Hammersmith Palais.


DonHo57 said...

My, my, my...I have never seen or heard this, but it's now on my favorite Bond listening list! The cover of 'Golden Gun' is as you said, it really kicks. Thanks for sharing this gem.

Guillome said...

thanks ! i love it

Guillome said...

thanks ! i like it !

I-FE said...

Thanks all. Good to hear from you again, Algy.

Mark said...

Great album!

Crystal clear for less than a fiver!


Mark (Easy Listening World)

I-FE said...

Ha! Thanks Mark. After all the years searching too. It never occurred to me that this would be available on CD. I may as well get it for the car...thanks again, Simon.

I-FE said...

I looked on Spotify and it's on there too. Talking of which, if anyone in the US wants an invite, let me know. I've been Premium for a couple of years and it's a fantastic service.

Bob DRake said...

OMG - a "new" James Bond album. I can hardly wait for the download to finish. Thanks

Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika said...

Hey Simon, what a nice "new" addition to my Bond collection, Hubby will also be delighted when he sees/hears this!

About Spotify: I have seen a link to it recently (not an invitation, though), and I have looked at it. I understand there are 3 options, one of them was free. But I could not figure out why I would want to join there.

What can they give a music lover (who doesn't care about Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber!!!) that this music lover already has? I mean, if I got that right, you are basically paying a monthly (or yearly) fee to play some music, that I can play for free from my harddrive, right?

I may sound stupid here, but I really didn't understand why anybody with a network of blogspots and several harddrives would want to join there.

What am I missing here, what did I get wrong or what did I miss? This is not a joke or a provocation, I am really serious!

Martooni said...

Thanks for telling us about the Original "Man with the Golden Gun" composed the year before the movie came out. Very British orchestral.

I-FE said...

Thanks for comment, A. As for Spotify, I really do think it's a brilliant service, well the Premium one is anyway.

Yes, I have loads of music and LPs lying around the house, and thousands more in the garage, but the problem is I can't access them all, and besides, sometimes I want to listen to something I don't have or can't lay my hands on.

For instance, last night I searched Spotify and played:

The Lark Ascending by Vaughan Williams (beautiful!)
Armed & Extremely Dangerous by First Choice
The Night by Frankie Valli

And the list went on and on. It's great just to think of something and then be able to play it, without searching my hard drives or my CD shelves or whatever. It's convenience I suppose. I also can have Spotify on my Android phone and download a couple of thousand tracks from Spotify.

My five-year-old son is into music (not surprisingly!) but loves Star Wars and Dr Who, so he listens to the soundtracks to those, etc.

It's not for everyone I don't suppose, but I couldn't live without it.


emailsyucky said...

Terrific stuff.

Thanks for sharing it!

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Muff Diver said...

Link is still good!!!

Thank you, I-FE :)