Thursday, 8 December 2011

Carmen Cavallaro - With That Latin Beat (1958)

Well, I finally got round to recording something new.  A sparkling album from Carmen Cavallaro.  Apologies for the crackles and pops.  Great album, though.

Not sure of the year though, late 50s, early 60s.



I-FE said...

Vinyl Room said...

Hello, I know you have been posting for a considerable time, however I would just like to give some personal advice as I notice with this album in particular that you seem to have the beginning of each track too close and what is the affect of this is slight clipping of a piece at the start of the music, this is evident between track 1 and 2.

These albums would really sound better if you were to leave a second or two before the music begins on each track.

Now I know it's possible to be all joined after the event, but the once the damage is done with clipping I believe it then can't be fixed.

I understand that many rippers remove excess silence on LP's track divisions, but I personally would prefer it as is, and maybe this would help with this clipping issue.

Other than that all it really needs is to ensure there is at least 2 secs before the music starts on each track.

This isn't a complaint but merely a help to you and your fellow followers.



I-FE said...

Thanks, VR. I'll try and redo the album when I get time. I must admit I did this one in a little bit of a rush.

MAX GRANDE said...

I believe the year of release was 1958.

I-FE said...

Thanks Max. I've changed the post to reflect this.