Thursday, 17 February 2011

Music From Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (1978)

Groovy disco spacepop from The Interplanetary Sound Workshop and Orchestra.

Alternative download link.

1.    Main Title and Mountain Visions (see sample below)
2.    Nocturnal Pursuit
3.    The Conversation
4.    The Appearance Of The Visitors
5.    Theme From Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
6.    The Abduction Of Barry
7.    Resolution And End Title
8.    Theme From Close Encounters Of The Third Kind


nlgbbbblth said...

don't know this one, looks good. Thanks!

Crichton72 said...

Vintage space disco via CE3K will be wonderful. Thank you so much!

HannibalCat said...

I had this on tape - another of those failed, Mum can I have the Close Encounters soundtrack? conversations. Woo hoo!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this! Your website is the bee's knees!

greenland said...

links don't works
please repost

Anonymous said...

not links ???

Anonymous said...

links links please ;)

Scott Hanson said...

Is there a new link? Thank you :)

I-FE said...!UmYkAQ4C!Wtb7o1jDo8hHSDdkwMeCIx643B4RKx5f7y78tlGCFmE

Scott Hanson said...

thank you!

Unknown said...

THANK YOU!!! Been looking for this album for years!

The Mega link above works.