Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Ennio Morricone - A Fistful Of Dollars and For A Few Dollars More (1968)

One of the ways I like to pass my time is listening to Titoli while our cat and the one next door stare each other out on our garden wall.  "We can fight!"


nlgbbbblth said...

Classics! Thanks Simon.

Coincidence Vs Fate said...

My pleasure as always, Paul.

Veen said...

At work at the moment and just happened to check my blogs of interest and viola! Saw this classic from you...can't wait to get home this evening to listen to this as my work internet blocks all music sites. Darn!

Honored General said...

Many Thanks for this one!

Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika, said...

The rpdsh link says it has 0 kb. Does that mean it has been deleted?

Or am I just experiencing a bug?
Will try again tomorrow.

Coincidence Vs Fate said...

I think they've deleted the file, the bastards! I'll upload again either today or tomorrow. Simon

Coincidence Vs Fate said...

All fixed now.

Any middle-aged German Witch in Amerika, said...

Hi Simon, very cool, thanks!!

There is either a mistake in the file, or maybe it is too long and therefore not shown completely, but the name is shown like this:


when you download that, it will not open, as the system doesn't know a zi file. It took me a while until I understood what the problem was (since I am not a nerd, and I didn't even see the uncomplete file name when I clicked it!)

I simply added a 'p' by renaming the unrecognized file, and schwuppdiwupp, it turned into a zip and looked familar (like that stack of books).

So just in case someone else here is wondering what that system message means (that you get when you try to open the downloaded file), just do as I did, and all will be fine. No bug, no virus, no worry.

Thank you Simon. I have cats too.

Coincidence Vs Fate said...

Thanks for pointing that out. I just copied and pasted the link, but didn't realise I'd lost a P.

I've REALLY fixed it this time!

Best wishes