Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Roy Budd - Budd 'n' Bossa (1970)

The best Bossa Nova album outside of Brazil, according  to Roy himself anyway!  One of my favourite albums.


Anonymous said...

Appreciate this one, thank you. Always on the lookout for jazzy Roy Budd.


Anonymous said...

Lovely Stuff..!

Me too. I'm always trying to find more Roy Budd..!

Budd is the MAN.

Guilherme Rodrigues (Yerblues) said...

This is indeed one of the best non-brazilian bossa nova albuns ever produced. Budd captures the minimalistic aesthetic of the genre with precision and elegance, but this is no news, speaking of him. Really glad to find this gem. Tanx a bunch.

Greetings from Brazil.

Unknown said...

Could you please re-upload Roy Budd - Budd`n Bossa! The File is down!
Thank You in advance!

I-FE said...