Saturday, 2 October 2010

(More) Late Night Sounds In Stereo (Marble Arch) (1968 and 1969)

Two lovely Marble Arch double albums contains some great stuff from Tony Hatch, Cyril Stapleton and John Schroeder.

Late Night

More Late Night


Vinyl Room said...

What a great start to the weekend with these 2 magnificent albums, they just don't make easy listening compilations like that anymore do they.

Thank you so much for these remarkable LP's.


Coincidence Vs Fate said...

My pleasure as always, VR. There's a nice variety of these albums too. Plenty of Schroeder which is always a nice thing.

Heidi said...

Thank you.
Love Tony Hatch and John Schroeder.
I've added your blog to my link-list.
You are welcome to visit my little loungecorner anytime you want.

with kind regards,

Chez Monsieur Maurice

Coincidence Vs Fate said...

Thanks Heidi, I'll add you to my links. You have some nice albums on your blog.

The Macs said...

ah, this is too cool! Easy Listening par excellence. Thanks!

Phillip said...

Wonderful stuff and much appreciated. As TM puts it so beautifully, too cool.

Swank Daddy said...

It's late at night, I was desperately searching for sounds in stereo, then lo' and behold here they were. It's a musical miracle! Thanks!

morghini said...

Ah! just going through old downloads & realised that whilst I got "MORE Late Nights" I didn't grab the 1st "Late Nights" - any chance of a re-upload??!!! Please?!! :)

I-FE said...

Late night:

morghini said...

Wonderful! Many thanks Mr S!